A timeless spirit from a storied past

My grandfather lost his finger making a whiskey barrel. He traded his motorcycle to bootleggers for a rifle. And after World War II, he began his career as a butcher in Detroit’s Eastern Market next to the slaughterhouse that I transformed into our distillery. To honor his life and legacy, I created Butcher’s Cut Bourbon using the finest cuts of corn, rye and roasted barley that I double barrel aged with hand-smoked Michigan northern oak. The result is a bourbon that is timeless and true with exceptional character, just like the man that inspired it. – Master Distiller John P. Jerome




Organic Corn from St. Clair County, Organic Rye from Washtenaw County, Hand Smoked Northern Oak from Clinton County  

Mash bill

70% corn, 25% rye, with 5% specialty malted barley


Spicy, buttery body with hints of carmel and coffee on the nose.

50% ALC/VOL 100 Proof