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Honey Bourbon

Honey Bourbon is back and better than ever.  This is a very special collaboration, made possible with our friends Bees in the D. Honey bourbon is finished with honey from beehives on the rooftop of the Whiskey Factory. When we say this is bespoke bourbon, we truly mean it is one of a kind. Every year is different, due to weather, floral and fauna that impact honey production. This year, hundreds of thousands of female "worker bees" traveled all across the city to gather pollen and nectar to make into honey which found its way into this bourbon. It adds a beautiful sweetness that literally captures the taste of Detroit. 

We increased production of Honey Bourbon again this year. We wanted to create new ways to enjoy it like the Honey Old Fashioned and make it more available across the state. That means harvesting a lot more honey. If you buy a bottle of Honey Bourbon or Honey Old Fashioned from us, that honey came from hives on the rooftop of the Whiskey Factory. If you buy a bottle at your local grocery store, that honey comes from hives located across Detroit's skyline at places like the Ren Cen or the Foundation Hotel or the city's urban gardens at places like Detroit Abloom or Rouge Park.  

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